What exactly is the OsteoTest | home?

The OsteoTest | home from osteolabs is uncomplicated, fast and does not require an X-ray, because it determines the calcium ratios in the bones using a urine sample. So you can simply test yourself at home and get certainty in three steps.

This is a clinically tested procedure in which the calcium value in the urine are measured several times in a high-performance and proven mass spectrometer. You will receive an exact and precise evaluation with a comprehensible and individual test assessment safely and discreetly at your home, so that you can then discuss any further steps with your family doctor.

It's that simple:

Schritt 1
Step 1:

Take the osteoporosis test easily and conveniently at home and send it to the medical laboratory.

Schritt 2
Step 2:

Your sample will then be thoroughly tested and evaluated in our medical laboratory.

Schritt 3
Step 3:

Afterwards your test results are available to download safely and securely, in a detailed laboratory report.

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